Wisdom of Water, Plants, and Prayer: Part 2

This class builds upon the foundations learned in Wisdom of Water, Plants, and Prayer: Part 1.

In this five day class you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your experiences working with your knowledge learned in Part 1, and gain valuable feedback, support, and peer review. You’ll delve more deeply into specific spiritual ailments such as night terrors, learn additional skills such as using a pendulum, as well as experience a daily spiritual bath. The week culminates with a sacred Maya Primicia ceremony.

This class is contraindicated when you are pregnant!

You will learn:
How to alleviate common aliments which may manifest either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
Grounding exercises.
Mediation and the importance of journaling.
How to use specific medicinal healing plants and formulas.
How to prepare a sacred space in your home.
How to use a pendulum for cleansing and divination.
How to identify common spiritual disorders such as:
     ◦ Night terrors
     ◦ Lost souls or spirits who need help
     ◦ Ghosts or spirits who are trapped  
     ◦ How thought forms can harm or heal
     ◦ Unemployed spirits
     ◦ Maldad 

On completion you will receive:
Certificate of attendance.
Access to our resources.
Ongoing professional support.

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