About The Abdominal Therapy Collective

 The Abdominal Therapy Collective, Inc. (ATC) was born October 15, 2020, as a group dedicated to maintaining and fostering the maya abdominal therapy practices of Don Elijio Panti, Miss Hortense Robinson, and other traditional healers. Guided by the hands of Dr. Rosita Arvigo, we are a global organization of practitioners and educators. We work together in a collaborative and collective process. Our members hold our lineage, honoring Don Elijio’s legacy, and sustaining its longevity.

The ATC places spiritual healing front and center in all our work. These techniques, as taught by Don Elijio Panti to Rosita, are now taught exclusively in the Wisdom Series and are the foundation of all our classes. ATC members who have attended the Wisdom Series are blessed and sanctioned to share this spiritual healing work with their clients. 

Dr. Rosita Arvigo is associated exclusively with The Abdominal Therapy Collective, Inc. She has no affiliation with any other organization bearing her name. 

ATC Educators who teach spiritual healing classes, known as The Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer, have apprenticed, been blessed and sanctioned by Dr. Rosita Arvigo to carry forward the sacred teachings of Don Elijio Panti’s lineage. 

Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer Educators are:

  • Rosita Arvigo
  • Judith Brooks
  • Vivian Menjivar
  • Jen O’Hagan 
  • Amanda Porter
  • Corrina Porterfield
  • Eva Sengfelder
  • Beth Townsend

In a bid to create a non-hierarchical business structure, we use the metaphor of the Universe. The Sun, Planets, and Stars, each with their magnetic attractions, together create the wonders of our ATC Universe.

Sun Members are the Board of Directors and Founders.
Planet members are those who take an active role, organizing and facilitating projects.
Heavenly Bodies are our ATC Educators.
Star Members are the ATC’s Community-at-Large.
Together this makes up the Abdominal Therapy Collective.

With the power of Zoom and our online project management system, we are able to work independently from our homes around the world, creating a container that allows us to shine collectively while keeping our operating costs at a minimum. Our working style allows us to stay vulnerable, honest, transparent, and true to the Divine Feminine vision of creation and collaboration that Dr. Rosita Arvigo hoped for when she helped launch this organization.

Our Educators are independent facilitators who know their region well. We trust them to create a learning opportunity that best fits the students of that area; from an elegant seaside retreat to a local community centre, whether working with a public school system or reaching people in the comfort of their own homes via online training, our classes are flexible and modular, allowing us to reach people across the globe.

Our Sun Members

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