Where Do You YAM?

Where Do You YAM?

How ‘Your Abdominal Massage’ or YAM easily fits into daily life.

By Vivian Menjivar | Abdominal Therapist and Educator | Corfu, Greece.

where do you YAM?
YAM in the bath.

On a cold and wintery rainy night last week, tired and unable to relax, with too much on my mind, I decided to take a hot bath. Lying in my tub with oils on my body, my hands automatically began massaging my belly. A simple and gentle massage that I’ve done several times a week for over twenty one years.

‘Your Abdominal Massage’ known as YAM, supports my body towards optimal health, calms my mind and helps to ground me. As I relaxed, so did my diaphragm. My breath became deeper and I could feel the circulation coursing through my body down to my feet.

I reflected on all the places I’ve Yam’ed through the years, in airport bathrooms between flights, lying in my bed after a shower, after gardening or carrying firewood, and relaxing after a full day working with my clients.

I started to become drowsy, and as I was still stroking my belly, a question came to me, “Where do you YAM?”, so I posed this question to my colleagues and was entertained by their replies:

I YAM when…

“I often YAM in the kitchen while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil.”

“I do upper YAM’ing in the grocery line, and while I’m bookkeeping.”

“When I wake up at night for a pee, I YAM to help me get back to sleep.”

“I’m a white knuckle flyer, so I YAM when I’m on a plane, especially at bumpy moments. Relaxing my diaphragm really helps with the anxiety.”

where do you YAM?
YAM when sitting in traffic.

“Pre-pandemic I had a commute that was constantly delayed because of accidents, mudslides, flooding, downed trees or roadworks. Sitting in stalled traffic was a constant, so YAM’ing while stationary relaxed my diaphragm, it was my go to relief for anxiety.”

“I YAM while watching TV.”

“My YAM’ing has increased ten-fold when I recently embarked on healing gut issues.”

“I YAM on a yoga mat after exercise, but I’ve been known to YAM while driving on the highway. I’ve never gotten a ticket for YAM’ing & driving!“

“I YAM before I eat”

This is a powerful self care technique

Reflecting on these answers, I’m struck by how easy YAM fits into everyday life, and am thankful for learning the benefits of this simple and powerful technique. I was fortunate to be taught YAM by my teacher Dr Rosita Arvigo all those years ago. Inspired during her apprenticeship to the renowned Maya Healer Don Elijio Panti in the 1980’s, she developed a self-care massage for those who came to her for healing so that they could continue the work in their own homes. In turn, I too teach YAM to my clients and students as true healing can only happen with diligence, persistence, and self-love.

Where do you YAM?

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