Walking the talk

Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk

Equity and equality are firmly embedded in everything we do.

By Bryn Truett-Chavez

Walking the talk

I was stopped in my tracks the other day as I contemplated words spoken in the inaugural speech of United States’ President Biden. He spoke of the executive actions that he had recently signed, and how they were put in place to help those unemployed, those dealing with COVID-19, marginalized communities, and native communities. I cannot remember a time in my life when I have heard a President speak about native communities as part of the whole. 

We’re on a mission

It’s been almost a year (and oh what a year) into my involvement with the creation of the Abdominal Therapy Collective (ATC). A fledgling organization, testing its new flight feathers, as it prepares to launch into the new dawn. ATC’s basic tenet is its collective views on equality. It is an organization predicated upon the very concepts that were espoused in its equity statement. No more hierarchy, cronyism, intolerance, and favoritism. It includes a vision of a collective that embraces diversity as it uplifts and supports oppressed folk.  

ATC practitioners agree to a Code of Conduct based on dignity, respect, and compassion, afforded to all those who come to receive support. 

Our Educators pledge to provide a safe learning space for all. To support this, ATC offers Educators insights and learning tools to support them in providing classes that build upon inclusion, diversity, and equity. These critical concepts are essential in order to create a safe space for those that had formerly suffered in unaccepting arenas.

I’m grateful and humbled to share in this and always gobsmacked by my own ignorance. Yet, my heart is open wide. I’m very willing to acknowledge where I can and will do better. 

walking the talk

Our pledge

ATC is working towards the dismantling of white supremacy in its core with clear intentions. Our pledge is to strive to include any that seek either healing or education, in a safe and loving space. This seems so basic to me in my simple heart, and yet we often bump up against resistance.

To that resistance I say, ATC wishes nothing more than to ensure that all people are treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

This conversation grows daily. I see people who have suffered prejudice, racism, and systemic oppression for hundreds of years standing firm, saying “Enough! This stops here!”

This is my daily goal, and I ask simply, will you walk with me?  

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