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I am an avid proponent of self-health education and healing – from spring youth to autumn sovereign thru winter elder, I educate, treat, mentor and encourage embracing joyous good health and wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

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TrueSpirit Healing Arts, 4245 Capitola Rd. #102
United States
4245 Capitola Ave, Capitola, California, USA
Hello!  My name is Bryn and I've nearly 50 years hands on experience as a holistic massage therapist and herbalist. Certified and well versed in multiple disciplines,  my deep vocational calling is answered in Abdominal Therapy. I've spent the last decade and a half as a devoted student of Dr. Rosita Arvigo, and now also teach others the benefits of this protocol.
Currently, being a part of the Abdominal Therapy Collective as we rise together through the storms, has brought an ever clearer perspective to my heart and mind.  Good health is an inside job! It begins with the spirit and emanates through the body and out into the world. 

Plants and their capacity for healing fascinate and thrill me. It's a life-long calling to study and learn how to wildcraft and cultivate them, harvest, prepare and apply them in therapeutic and spiritual practice which, in turn, informs much of the work I do.

Bodywork Style
My bodywork style, much like my teaching style, is empathetic, nurturing, restorative, balancing and supportive. I like to focus on providing sessions that are individually designed to address the needs of folx coming to see me. Whether you need fertility support or have digestive concerns, I strive to provide the benefit of deeply compassionate  and individualized care that fosters a profound and lasting sense of well-being .

Menopause Mentoring
Women entering peri-menopause find themselves experiencing changes in the their body’s chemistry that can surprise and confuse. Understanding, preparing and embracing this change can often be overwhelming. I've been through those gates myself, I want to share the wonders and benefits of this powerful shift in life, to help to make this journey an adventure! Nutritional, life-style, and emotional support are key components of a holistic healthy journey through life, and I offer these keys as part of each session.

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