The Ceiba Trees Are Blooming

The Ceiba Trees Are Blooming

By Eva Sengfelder| Abdominal Therapist and Educator | Cayo District, Belize.

At the moment the fragrant Yax Che or Ceiba trees are blooming in Arco Iris Farm, home to Rainforest Remedies in Belize. 

This nocturnal flowering tree is pollinated by bats, bees, and other insects which feed on the rich succulent nectar. By noon the following day, all the flowers are gone, making a beautiful, fragrant carpet of petals beneath. This delicate flowering cycle lasts for 2 to 3 fragrant weeks.

This tree is the most sacred and revered tree in the Maya tradition. Also known as Kapok, Cotton, or Silk Cotton tree, the Maya call it Yax Che. Its Latin name is Ceiba pentandra, a member of the Malvaceae family.

Yax Che in Mayan means Blue-Green or First, and according to Maya mythology, is the living embodiment of the Universe. It signifies a route of communication between the underworld, middle world, and the upper world. The Yax Che’s roots live amongst the ancestors, its trunk offers support for daily life, while its branches commune with the 13 levels of heaven.

Maya tradition sees the world through 5 directions, North, South, East, and West with the mighty Yax Che anchoring the central space holding the universe steady. Its believed that all Maya Spirits reside in the sacred YAX Che tree, with Ixchel and Itzamna, the creator Gods, living in the flowering crown. Just like the fragrant petals every morning, all of creation fell from its beautiful crown to live on earth.

Every February and March seeing Rosita Arvigo and Eva Sengfelder welcome students to Arco Iris Farm in Belize for Abdominal Therapy massage, and Spiritual healing classes. This season kicks off with Wisdom Keepers Retreat, on 3 February. The full training schedule includes learning more about Maya mythology, healing plants, and Abdominal Therapy training.

So, until ‘Smell-o-vison’ is created, you’ll need to get yourself to Belize and experience the exquisite fragrance of the Yam Che. Find your class by visiting the events calendar on our website.

Wisdom Keepers Retreat, 3-10 February

Wisdom of Water, Plants, and Prayer: Part One, 26 February-6 March

Wisdom of Water, Plants, and Prayer: Part Two, 3-10 February

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