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ATC Registration Process

You must complete all four steps before your registration is complete.

When you finish the application form, scroll down to the website registration. You’ll be automatically sent to a payment page when you submit your website registration. Email with any questions.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Associates and Practitioners: Please be sure to have the required documents read to upload before you fill out this form.

  1. Proof of practitioner training (transcript, certificate, or letter from a teacher showing you have taken a professional class based on the teachings of Dr. Rosita Arvigo)
  2. Copy of liability insurance (if required in your area)
  3. Professional license or proof of professional training

Be sure to read and agree to the following:
Abdominal Therapy Collective’s Code of Conduct

Step 2: Application Form

Step 3: Website Registration

Professional Information

Associates, Practitioners, Educators: Please enter your professional contact information below. This information will be used to build your professional profile. Basics Series Members: Please scroll to the bottom of the page. All fields marked with an asterisk * are required.
  • If you do not wish to provide your exact address for privacy reasons, please input "Address provided upon request".
  • In order to be found on the Find a Practitioner or Find an Educator map, you must include your City/Town, State/Region, and Country.

Step 4: Payment

If you are not automatically sent to the payment page, use the button below.

When your process is complete, you'll receive an email confirming your application has been received. Please allow us a few days to review your information. We may email you if you are missing documents, so keep an eye out for email from us. We'll email you when your application has been reviewed and you can access all your membership benefits!  If you have any questions about the registration or membership process, please email us at We're here to help!  

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