Workshops for your Personal Health

The Basics Series has been developed for your personal needs. These are a collection of half, 1 and 2 day classes, designed to give simple, effective and accessible information for many common issues.

These workshops are open to all. There is the option to create a specific program for your needs and preferred learning schedule and style. Regardless of your current knowledge, you will leave these classes having learned new skills, gained a deeper understanding of how your body works and been gifted some tools for life.

Each class gives you an opportunity to delve deeply into a specific area of personal health. You will leave with a simple yet powerful self-care massage routine: Your Abdominal Massage or ‘YAM’.

Our Abdominal Therapy educators are looking forward to hearing from you and discussing your needs.

To find our current offerings, please visit our Calendar.

Your Abdominal and Uterine Health

This class will focus on the female anatomy and reproductive system.
You will learn:

How digestion can impact your uterine health
How to work with your menstrual cycle
How your uterus relates to its pelvic neighbors

As different as we look on the outside, our internal anatomy is just as unique. This class will help you connect the dots of your own health story through education, exploration and YAM.

Your Abdominal and Prostate Health

This class will focus on the male anatomy and reproductive system.
You will learn:

How sacral damage may affect your pelvic function
How a tight diaphragm may restrict blood flow to the pelvis
How your prostate relates to its pelvic neighbors

No matter what your age, this class is engaging and informative and will offer you an insight into how to support your personal health.

Your Fertility Health

This class is open to all. What does a fertile life mean to you?
You will learn:

How to recognize fertile signs
How to enhance fertility in mind, body and spirit
How to navigate through the sometimes complex fertility journey

Whether you are planning for the future, working in the moment, or preparing for assisted fertility, this class supports your journey.

Your Beginners Guide to Menstruation​

This class is designed for young people to explore the mysteries and gifts of menstruation. You may attend alone or with a supportive adult.
You will learn:

How to have a happy, healthy menstrual story
How the reproductive system develops during this time
How diet and lifestyle will affect your experience

This class will share a body-positive message, and you will leave with lifelong tools to support your menstrual journey.

Your Pregnancy

This class is designed to support you through your journey from the earliest moments of pregnancy through to the fourth trimester. You may attend alone or with a partner.
You will learn:

How to nourish yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually
How Abdominal Therapy may help you prepare for a more positive birth experience
How to navigate the postpartum period

You will learn about optimal body balance to help keep you more comfortable during pregnancy, and support your baby’s position for a gentler birth. You will also learn Your Abdominal Massage (YAM) for Pregnancy. It’s beneficial to participate in this workshop during the first half of your pregnancy, this way you’ll have ample time to apply what you learn, and can experience the benefits as you journey towards your birthing day and postpartum.

Your Peri/Menopause

This class is designed to support you through your journey from peri- to post- menopause, whether medically induced or naturally occurring. Together, we will explore the complex physical, emotional, and spiritual responses during this transition.
You will learn:

How and why your uterus changes during this time
How diet and lifestyle may impede or support you
How to bring joy into time of your life

This class will support you to make educated choices suitable for you and your current circumstances.

Your Digestion

This class is designed to support optimal digestive function for anyone with a belly. We will address common digestive complaints such as IBS, acid reflux, constipation, bloating, nutritional challenges, and more.
You will learn:

How your internal architecture impacts your digestion
How daily life may impact the function of your ‘second brain’
How to support your gut’s natural healing process

This class will shed light on your personal digestive story, your relationship with food, and give you tools to create glorious gut function.

Your Water Ritual

During this class you will be gifted a simple and effective water ritual to help rebalance your mind, body, and spirit. Open to all regardless of belief system.
You will learn:

A brief history on the importance of Spiritual bathing across various cultures
How to connect with and harvest your plant allies
How to create your own spiritual bath and lustral bowl
How to cleanse your energetic body

This class gives you simple and practical tools to bring harmony and balance into your life.

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