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What can Abdominal Therapy do for you?

This work brings focus to your belly… a place that may hold unprocessed emotions, tension, and pain. Through gentle massage, your therapist will help release these stressors. With supportive information, you will learn how to encourage healing.

Why you might seek Abdominal Therapy treatment

There are many reasons you might be looking for help, from soothing digestive troubles, painful periods, fertility support, or relief from prostate or pelvic issues. Abdominal Therapy encourages balance and optimal function in the belly. We offer whole-person support to clients from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.


What to expect in an Abdominal Therapy treatment

It begins with an exploration of your personal health history, current circumstances, and goals in a virtual meeting, or in-person as part of your first session.
The in-person Abdominal Therapy treatment involves an external massage of your entire abdomen. The diaphragm, digestive and reproductive organs are all addressed. A full treatment includes your back, hips, and sacrum, too.
Massaging these areas systematically and thoroughly, we help optimize circulation… and we’re not just talking about blood. Abdominal Therapy affects all the systems of flow in your body: blood, lymph, nerve conduction, and life force or chi.

Finally, your therapist will teach you how to perform Your Abdominal Massage (YAM) to increase treatment benefits for the long term.

What is YAM?

Early in her professional practice, Dr. Rosita Arvigo recognized the need for clients to continue their healing with their own hands, in their own time, in their own homes.
With this in mind, she developed her unique self-care massage to encourage and empower her clients to take charge of their healing.
Although Your Abdominal Massage is a simple practice and takes only 10 minutes a day, it has profound, lasting effects on your health and wellbeing.

It’s not unusual for clients to report – even years later – that YAM has become an integral part of their daily lives.

Our work doesn’t stop in the treatment room

Your therapist will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan and provide ongoing support. We are here for you!

What can Spiritual Healing do for you?

Spiritual healing with water, plants and prayer is a concept known to many cultures, religions and spiritual practices, and it has the ability to address emotional and spiritual conditions common to all beings, such as fright, grief, envy, and sustained anger.

Why you might seek spiritual healing

Indigenous peoples know that physical ailments can’t be separated from spiritual ailments. For thousands of years, the Maya healing system has looked at the ailments of the body as a whole, and addresses the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of our lives as a whole.

You might benefit from spiritual healing if you’ve had a confusing ailment that’s defied diagnosis: recurring nightmares, experiencing unrelieved grief, sad or emotionally upset since experiencing a trauma, or if you’ve been to a number of clinics or health care practitioners who’ve been unable to help. Our maestro, Don Elijio Panti said, “The machines won’t show this sickness.”

Fortunately, modern medicine is beginning to recognize the healing wisdom of the Maya and other ancient cultures. Numerous studies have underlined the link between high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, and digestive problems with unresolved emotional and spiritual stress and distress. Neuroscience explains how brain chemistry affects our mental and emotional states. Psychotherapists and medical doctors are once again taught to consider the importance of the mind-body connection in disease treatment. 

Just as we understand that physical ailments can cause dis-ease of body, spirit, and emotions, spiritual healing recognizes emotional and spiritual ailments can also be expressed physically. These physical expressions are typically described as signs and symptoms in medical fields. Often the treatment is directed at these signs and symptoms instead of the underlying emotional and/or spiritual cause. We’ve learned that treating the physical symptoms does not always heal the cause. 

Spiritual and traditional healers across many cultures determine what ailment(s) have manifested with a pulse analysis included within a conversation about past events or trauma which gives a complete picture of one’s health story.


Some of the tools utilized by our Spiritual Healers include:

  • Grounding, Prayer
  • Love, Faith
  • Spiritual Baths 
  • Incense
  • Plants
  • Lustral Water
  • Herbal Teas
  • Space Clearing 
  • Amulets 
  • Laughter and Humor 
  • Intuition
  • Dream Visions
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Bodywork 

Our work doesn’t stop in the treatment room

For more information on how Spiritual Healing can benefit you, reach out to a practitioner, or learn about workshops. We are here for you!

I had a retroverted uterus (posterior) since I was a child caused by a fall from a tree. I had a history of ovarian cysts, fibroids and developed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in 1991 and exploratory abdominal surgery causing my Uterus and Bladder to prolapse and adhere together. I was told I would need a pessary, a plastic invasive device to hold up the uterus, if I didn't do surgery. After three months of weekly sessions my uterus and bladder were no longer adhered by adhesions. My hands were always cold for as long as I could remember, but after the Abdominal Therapy, I had circulation.
Vivian M.
Corfu, Greece
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