It’s Springtime!


Maya Children enjoying spiritual bathing at Bush Medicine Camp, Belize.

In Greek, the word for Spring is ‘anoixi’, (pronounced ah-nee-ksee) which means opening. This is exactly what it feels like, new beginnings, blossoming of new things being welcomed into our lives; growing and evolving.

It’s a perfect time to clear out the old and welcome in the new. In many traditions, fasting is practiced to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for transformation and revitalization. 

It’s also necessary to do this in our homes and for our own energy fields. Energetic or Spiritual cleaning with water has been practiced all over the world since the beginning of time.

Maybe consider your usual home cleaning chores as an act of sacred space clearing? Try to remain mindful and present as you clean while inviting love into your home. Burning incense such as frankincense or copal to space clear is also an ancient practice.

In Dr. Rosita Arvigo’s book “Spiritual Bathing”, the Maya fill a bucket with water in which basil leaves have been squeezed and steeped, then dip a broom in it and sweep the stairs and entrance to their home. They do this to ward off envy and also when they are feeling down on their luck. This ritual is performed for nine consecutive days, starting on a Thursday or a Friday. Basil water can also be sprinkled all around the house, especially where you sleep, eat, and rest. While sprinkling water, try saying out loud, “All bad luck must now leave me and this place. I have faith with all my heart that this sacred water and these prayers will dispel all misfortune and change my life for the better.”

This cleaning will freshen your home energetically, spiritually and of course physically. Enjoy this Springtime with fresh and open hearts.

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