Belize Here We Come!

Belize, Here We Come!

Do you feel the need to dip your toes into the spiritual home of the blessed work we do? Fancy reconnecting with, and making new friends in the tropical haven of Belize? Have you been ‘on hold’ and are now raring to get going with your training? Well, step right on up as ATC launches its Belize classes for 2021. Belize here we come!

By Eva Sengfelder

Belize here we come Rosita Arvigo abdominal therapy collective spiritual healing
Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Eva Sengfelder look forward to welcoming you.

ATC is opening its doors for the first classes of 2021. Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Eva Sengfelder are excited to be able to host ATC’s transformational learning program.

Spring 2021 Classes:

Wisdom Keepers Retreat is for all those who’ve experienced previous workshops based on the spiritual healing teachings of Don Elijio Panti and Dr. Rosita Arvigo. The week allows you to reconnect and dive deep into this work in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer – Part 1 is a weeklong introduction into spiritual connection to the divine, with no specific attachment to any faith. Open to all, you learn the importance of water, plants, incense, and prayer in spiritual baths and in daily life for you and your clients.

For all you anterior abdominal therapy body workers, your wait is over. Dr. Rosita Arvigo will be teaching Abdominal Therapy for Professionals – Part 2. This week teaches you the posterior work, enriching your clients’ treatments. On completion of this training you’ll have the full knowledge of transformative healing techniques taught by the founder of Abdominal Therapy.

If you’re keen to begin your training in Abdominal Therapy and are already a qualified bodyworker, you can join Abdominal Therapy for Professionals – Part 1 in November. Dr. Rosita Arvigo will be teaching this foundation class where you learn Your Abdominal Massage (YAM) for yourself and your clients, along with other powerful healing tools.

Mi casa es tu casa!

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Arco Iris Permaculture Farm, Belmopan, Belize.

Eva and Toby Sengfelder are looking forward to welcoming you to their home, Arco Iris Permaculture Farm, the base for all Belize ATC classes. Located in the beautiful, rural, tropical location north of Belmopan, the capital of Belize, Arco Iris Permaculture Farm is also the home of Rainforest Remedies, where traditional herbal remedies are grown, harvested, and manufactured.

Being mindful of Covid-19 measures, all retreat and class sizes are restricted to 10 participants, which means places are strictly limited and being snapped up quickly! Toby has been busy constructing and enlarging the farm’s facilities in order to allow for social distancing.

Your class fees include all your course work, residence, food, and airport transfers. However, your flights are not included.

As the snow falls in parts of the Northern Hemisphere, tropical Belize waits with open arms to welcome you to ATC’s classes fostering connection, community and learning. Go on, book your place now.

Belize here we come

Belize Schedule

Wisdom Keepers Retreat – Feb 19-25 

Wisdom Keepers RetreatMarch 5-11

Wisdom of Water, Prayers and Plants – Part 1, March 28-April 4

Abdominal Therapy for Professionals – Part 2, March 19-25

Abdominal Therapy for Professionals – Part 1, Nov 5-11

Click for more information and to book your place.

Click here for more information about Rainforest Remedies.

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