A Twenty-One Year Journey

A Twenty-One Year Journey

By Vivian Menjivar | Abdominal Therapist and Educator | Corfu, Greece.

Twenty-one years ago in March, I started a journey that would become my life’s work. Actually, it even began much earlier, at the tender age of ten years old. I had a burning desire to go to Belize, I would search the globe scouring over every country and city searching for Belize, but never finding it. Decades later, Belize came back into my consciousness.

In 1991, after having a ruptured ovarian cyst seven months before, I developed pelvic inflammatory disease, and then sepsis. I was deathly ill and receiving a morphine drip and intravenous antibiotics that ruptured all accessible veins, and dealing with a stapled scar from my navel down to my pubic bone. It took me six months to recover enough to start feeling like myself. When I had seen my doctor for my follow up, he gave me the good news that I was healthy, but the bad news that I would never have any other children. He told me that I was sterile, but said, “you should be happy, you have two children.”

I took this information in but didn’t really think about it too much. The years went by and I was in a new serious relationship, I really wanted another child. I started to pray every night, and lo and behold I became pregnant. From the first month, I had many problems. The placenta kept tearing away from my uterus due to all the adhesions from the pelvic inflammatory disease. It was a difficult pregnancy and delivery, but the baby came out healthy, and I really believed all would be fine.

After the birth, I had a prolapsed uterus. I had frequent urination, chronic vaginal and bladder infections, and constant yeast infections from all the antibiotics. I was truly unhappy but trying to keep it all together, with three kids, and working as an intern in a psychiatric hospital.

In 1996, I became pregnant again! I was incredibly excited because my youngest would have a playmate. When I consulted with my doctor, he didn’t share my excitement, and warned me that if I had this baby, there was a good chance I would hemorrhage and die in childbirth. This seemed extreme to me but of course I did what my doctor said, according to him, it was what’s best for my family. During the pregnancy termination, I had some type of allergic reaction that affected my heart. It took hours to stabilize my heart. It was a heartbreaking experience to have a doctor ordered abortion in which I had to actually sign the death certificate.

After coming out of anesthesia, I felt like something wasn’t right. From the corner of my left eye, I could see a little girl with dark hair, she looked to be around four years old. I thought for sure that I lost my mind. I called my therapist that I had seen many years before, and asked to start therapy again. After one year of all different kinds of therapy, the little girl was still there in the edges of my life, and I came to terms with just living like that.

In 1999, in my last year of massage school, I learned about Maya Uterine Massage and its origins in Belize. I remembered my childhood burning desire to go to Belize, and decided to pursue this path. I soon found out that the only way to go to Belize was to attend a Spiritual Healing class. I knew nothing about Spiritual Healing, but trusted that this was the right course of action. The only problem was, the class was full and there were seven people on the waiting list, plus I had no money for the class or the travel fees.

I decided that I would start working on myself in the meantime. I started getting weekly abdominal massage treatments, and after three months, my uterus was no longer prolapsed and my vaginal and bladder infections disappeared. Then, a miracle happened. Seven people cancelled, I inherited some money, and I was suddenly able to go to Belize.

It was during my time at the Spiritual Healing class that three pivotal events took place: Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Miss Hortense, a Maya Shaman, released the baby spirit that I couldn’t let go of; I learned to believe with all my heart in the power of prayer; and I learned I could help people with prayer, plant spirits and herbal baths. As they say, the rest is history. I became a practitioner in 2000, a teacher in 2004, and have been sharing the gift of healing and helping clients and students ever since.

Last month, twenty one years after my introduction to Spiritual Healing, I advanced to the level of Wisdom Keeper. I am now honored to teach Spiritual Healing as well as Abdominal Therapy Professional Level courses. I feel so blessed and honored to be able to share this sacred work with those who need it, like I did. Many times we have nowhere to turn, but when we trust our intuition with great faith, lives are transformed. I know mine was.

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