Copal, An Antidote For Mental and Emotional Stress

Copal, An Antidote For Mental And Emotional Stress

By Vivian Menjivar | Abdominal Therapist and Educator | Corfu, Greece.

Disafumado or Saumerio means To dispel with smoke in Spanish.

Don Elijio Panti favored copal resin and dried rosemary leaves for treatment of all spiritual ailments and use in sacred ceremony. Healers favor a copal treatment for some physical ailments, especially those brought on by stress.

Copal is a resin extracted from the sacred copal tree Protium copal, a close relative to frankincense. Traditionally, it is collected with ritual and ceremony on full-moon nights when the sap rises within the trunk of the copal tree. The aroma is similar to Frankincense and induces a sacred experience assisting our connection with the divine.

Using copal with faith and prayers, can uplift a persons spirit, release fear, trauma and envy. Maya spiritual healers burn copal to cleanse themselves, their space, alleviating the heavy vibration left in a household after an argument or traumatic event. It’s a powerful healing tool, a protector, a vacuum for negative energy, and divine gift to humanity.

Incense carries our prayers and love to the gods, and acts as an offering to the spirits of the land, and spirit guides, Gods and Goddesses.

Negative ions create a positive buoyant feeling. Positive ions attract heavy and dense energies. When we smudge with incense, it attracts and seizes the positive ions from the air.

Here’s how to use sacred copal:

  • First light your charcoal, making sure it’s fully lit and has turned grey/white, then add small bits of the dried copal resin to the burning charcoal. Add a few more pieces little by little.
  • Remember to leave a window or door open a crack to allow dense energy to leave.
  • When clearing a space, slowly work your way around the space making sure you get inside all the corners and cupboards.
  • As you do this, continually state your intention or pray for the healing of the space and those who reside there.
  • When clearing yourself, make crosses if that feels appropriate, around your head, your body, and pelvis untill you feel lighter.
  • These can be done as you pray in a whisper to the divine.

When should I copal?

  • Whenever you feel you need a little up-lifting.
  • If you’ve just had an argument.
  • You’re moving into a new home or apartment.
  • After a long day of clients.
  • Regularly in your home or office, to ensure a healthy and joyous living space.

To learn more about copal, how to use it and spiritual healing click here. The next Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer class is July 24-27

Excerpts taken from The Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer guidebook. This is from the manual given to all those who attend this training.

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