What is Abdominal Therapy?

This treatment focuses on deep abdominal and fascial integration which assists general circulation and improves your all-round health and well-being. Abdominal Therapy encompasses simple and intuitive folk massage techniques and combines them with anatomy, physiology, and other focused learning. It’s so much more than a belly rub!

Who is the Abdominal Therapy Collective?

We are a global community of therapists and health educators.
Our members come from a variety of backgrounds in the healing arts, including massage therapists, midwives, acupuncturists, naturopaths, medical physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists.

Our work is based upon the teachings of Dr. Rosita Arvigo. She’s dedicated more than 40 years to developing the extensive body of knowledge and therapeutic techniques we now offer.

Our Mission

Abdominal Therapy is a profoundly effective blend of ancient and modern therapeutic modalities promoting balance physically and energetically. Our dedicated, highly qualified practitioners and educators inspire clients and students to take charge of their health through education and personal care. Through creating a whole body approach to wellness, inclusive of all, we commit to changing the world, one belly at a time.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all people are empowered and engaged participants in their own wellbeing. We have a highly cohesive community offering ongoing support for clients, students, and practitioners, as well as global outreach programs for diverse and underserved communities. We hope to inspire good health and spiritual practices for generations to come. As educators and practitioners, we commit to learning and growing. At times, we may get it wrong. We will embrace each opportunity humbly, as a chance to do and be better.

Our Value

The value of our work is its unique ability to reconnect people to their own innate wisdom and healing capacity. Abdominal Therapy restores a whole body and spirit approach to health. The exemplary value of our education for professionals and lay people is maintained through the integrity of our educators and practitioners. We hold in reverence our traditional and scientific roots, while striving to be inclusive of all.

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